Leota Leavens; U.S. Navy

Leota Leavens US Navy

Veteran Leavens, everyone calls her Lee, was a nurse. IN the last year of her nurses training Pearl Harbor was bombed so when she graduated in Sept. 1942 she was right in front to enlist and started active duty March 23rd. Stationed in St ALbans in Long Island, NY for orientation where she remembers the Marines taught them to march...even down 5th Avenue once. Lee wanted to go overseas but was deployed to Norfolk VA for about a year then joined the USS Bountiful, a hospital ship. First they traveled to San Francisco, for more orientation including swimming!!. From there she was all over the south Pacific with Admirqal Halsey's fleet...sometimes called the 5th Fleet and sometimes called the 7th Fleet. They never knew where they were unless the patients could give them information. The hospital ships would meet up with other ships bringing them patients. Thank you Leota for your service. See our other awesome veteran video interviews


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