Phil Hazelton; SEABEEs

Phil Hazelton Seebeas

Veteran Hazelton served with the 29th Special Construction Battalion...SEABEES. It was their job to build airstrips, landing docks and to backup the Marines whenever possible. Phil did alot of island hopping. After the Marines had secured an area his group would go in, build camps and airstrips. The Seabees got so good at damage estimates they could tell how much dirt would be required to repair a bomb crater before the bomb even hit the ground. Work had to be completed quickly as the planes had to have aplace to land. While not in any actual battles they had to maintain high awareness of snipers shooting at them as they worked. Phil also had 4 brothers in the service.One brother, also a seabee, was in Europe for the Normandy Invasion, another brother served in the Marine Corp in the Pacific, brother Bill was on a submarine chaser and Jimmy was in the 1st Army - the first troops to land in Africa and fought Rommel. All brothers came home safely. Phil was the last of the family to be discharged in December of 1945 in Nashville TN. Thank you for your service Phil. Please view our other fine veteran video interviews


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