Richard H Donley; Maritime U.S.Navy

Richard H Donley Maritime US Navy

Veteran Donley, born in Boston and at the age of 16 he ran away from home and joined the Merchant Marine, traing at Sheepshead Bay. His first ship was to the Panama Canal, then to bring oil from Aruba ancross the ocean to near Liverpool (1943-1944) In 1945 Richard was on a Liberty ship in France for VE Day and he is not happy with the French actions of the day. The Victory ship carried cargo across the ocean the was changed into a troop transport. Richard signed on as a Army cook. His ship was the first ship into Genmoa Italy, a troop staging area. After some diagreement he joined the NAVY in 1946 and only had one month of bootcamp.. Other highlights..A Tour with BLIMPS and TWO Astronaut sea retrievals...Wally Schirra in October 1962 and Gordon Cooper in May 1963. After a long distinguished service Richard retired in 1970. Thank you Richard for your service.


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