Ted Foote; U.S. Army Air Corp

Ted Foote US Army Air Corp

Veteran Foote entitles his discussion "Vanishing Breed', refering to the daily loss of veterans from WWII. Veteran Foote enlisted in the Army Air Corp in 1940, he was older then typical enlistees because he had already graduated from Duke University. Initially Ted taught new cadets how to fly...blind..in a flight simulator, reading the panels and responding to what they told you. Ted went to Officer School for administration work because they wouldn't accept you for pilot if you had glasses, he graduated in August of 1942 becoming an Officer & a Genmtlemen. Ted was a classmate of Clark Gable. In 1944 he was ordered overseas to the Headquarters of the China, Burma, India theatre of operations. Ted recalls flying supplies over the Himalaya Mountains in C47 and C87 airplanes. Thanks for your service Ted. See our other veteran video interviews


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