William Templeton; U.S. Airforce

William Templeton US Airforce

Veteran Templeton, from New York joined the Air Force at 18 and served from August 1956 until August 1970, thats 23 years. After a short stint in Amarillo, TX training on F100C's as a jet mechanic, Bill was pulled to the Strategic Air Command as a mechanic at Homestead Air Force base. Homestead was a dual wing base holding about 60 bombers. William was a member of 19th Bomb Wing & 20th Bomb Squadron which traces its roots back to World War I. William worked on Post Flight Inspections on the B47 bomber, specifically the 100 hour and 300 hour. He learned to work on all 6 engines. A unique thing Bill mentions of the personnel is that they all were senior members and all knew what they had to do...a very professional work group. In 1961 the B47's were being phased out and making way for the B52, so he was sent to Pinecastle (Then MCCOY) Air Force base to help maintain their B47's while others trained for the B52s. Later William cross trained on the HoundDog missile, armament for the B52, he recollects that if the NAV systems would fail they would use the missile NAV to get the plane back safely. IN 1966 William trained on Minute Man missiles in Montana, then to North Dakota to train for Minute Man II and was a Missile Handling Chief where he was charged with much training and quality control. Veteran Templeton is proud to have served, as a Missilier...'they won the cold war' and as we know Freedom isn't Free. Thank you for your service William.


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